Friday, 27 September 2013

Coventry Students Amazing Work. Can You Believe That Bag Is Made Out Of Paper?!
Fellow Classmate Danielle and Her Hat.
Little Tea Party.
A Coventry Students Hat.
Megan's Hat.
Chelsey's Hat.

We've been slacking...with a good excuse though,we've been fast tracked to a foundation degree in fashion and costume! 
So this week we've been consumed with all things relating to the course plus Chelsey's been hit with the mother of all colds. So with a runny nose and temptations of blowing an overdraft we've made it through the week,during our first week we were introduced to our modules and made a trip to Coventry uni to get an insight into our optional third year, the place is pumping out some major talent! feeling overwhelmed we were thrown into a hat making exercise using paper, we pulled through using origami techniques. The both of us are mega excited about getting stuck into the course but fretting also...we'll keep you updated and try to include our projects on the blog. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

For many moons we've pined for somerset house, come wind or shine we've envied all the outfits that have strutted the cobbled streets. Every season we scour blogs for street style and this year we still remain green with envy strutting our own streets of Leicester. As an attempt to feel part of LFW we've decided to capture outfits that we’d wear if we were attending the shows. 

We've also picked out a few of our favourite outfits so far...

Found on

Found on


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

This week we were thrown into our old routine, waking up far too early to go back to college. Start of term, the beginning of a year filled with paper cuts, cello tape induced dreadlocks, paint used as a form of fake tan, bleached clothes and plenty of late nights sewing up a storm...

and this is the result of throwing outfits together at an ungodly hour.



Saturday, 7 September 2013

Throw away fashion is something that really upsets us. Like animal lovers we love, care and rescue clothes, self confessed clothes lovers. Fashion and us, have had a long platonic romance. We've had our ups by chance stumbling upon each other in charity shops and our downs by falling out of love with those beautiful shoes that truly break our soles and finally after being in denial of a top that just doesn't do it for us anymore, we break free from our relationship yet still keep it hidden in our wardrobes as a fond memory. That’s the problem; we’re hoarders, we hate to throw away clothes...they shape and decorate our life’s.
Chelsey recalls reading somewhere that Paris Hilton would wear an outfit and would never be seen in it again! This shocked her and propelled her into thinking; can I wear that dress I wore last Saturday again? This thought soon died after realising Paris Hilton's favourite colour was pink and she’s a multi millionaire who can afford to be fickle with fashion. In contrast to Paris, Chelsey literally wears her clothes out! She had a pair of trainers that she stapled together until her mum secretly threw them away.

Jacket - Charity Shop £5
Skirt - Leicester market 50p
Top - Primark £2
Belt - Vintage stall £1
Trainers - Fake Converse from Tunisia £8
Sunglasses - Primark £1

Dress - Mums about 5 years old - Warehouse
Sunglasses - Primark - £1
Shoes Next - £65

This outfit post reveals some of our most treasured and reliable pieces, they’re either pinched or cost only a few pennies...and we will continue to repeat our outfits unlike Paris.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

We've been anticipating, daydreaming and avoiding doing our first post like the plague... so in order to overcome our fears of first blog post-itus we’re diving in at the deep end. As our first attempt we apologise for waffling however become accustomed to our pointless rants. 

The blog is a platform for us to vent all things fashion, preferably affordable fashion as we’re penniless students who pine for a career in the industry. Recently Chelsey moved house to discover that she’s been hoarding a mountain of clothes, Megan conquered the mountain by forcing Chelsey to sell her clothes at a local car was a disaster and we plan to chip away at the mountain every Sunday.

so, the main reason for this car boot was to give chelsey's clothes a new home as there wasn't any room in hers. However all good intentions flew out of our bumbags, all morning we resisted exploring other stalls until we got hungry...

Emma Bridgewater Dinosaur Lunchbox to be used as a sewing box £2

Pre Loved Leather Deer Clutch Bag £2

Regal Tin to be used as a money box 50p

Our ridiculously early morning was filled with cheeky bargain hunters, coffee, wasps and people watching. We wasn't as successful as we hoped but still came back with a £15 profit and fingers crossed we'll be a sell out at the next car boot.

Chelsey & CeeCee's New Palace.