Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Blogging on my own today as Chelsey is away. So on Saturday i ventured out (for the first time in ages) and did a little pub crawl as it was a friends birthday. We started at 2pm and i found myself looking a little too dressed up to be walking round a little village but as the night came and all the other drinkers came out it i started to blend in. I went shopping with Chelsey the day before and she pointed out the dress and as im an all black everything kinda girl i thought i would step out of my comfort zone and wear abit of colour.

Love CF x

Monday, 21 October 2013

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A few weeks ago we stubbled across the amazing illustrator that is Lottie and noticed that she will draw you if you simply tag her in your favourite picture. She has a beautiful style of illustrating and this is what she presented us with within just a couple of days of asking (the girl works fast) haha.
Thanks again Lottie.
Visit Lotties Instagram and check out all her wonderful illustrations.

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Love CF x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Today our outfit of the day post turned out to be a bit of a mare. We’ve faffed, gossiped, vegged and moaned...hate to admit it but sometimes, just sometimes we tend to fit the typical girls bill. Megan was having nothing looks nice, I look like a troll day...she even spat the ultimate swear words ‘I hate clothes!’. And Chelsey, well she just relentlessly moaned about the laughable blister from her new club foot shoes and demolished a pack of marylands to ease the pain. Despite the hissy fits we salvaged a few decent outfits of the day pictures and caught up on the soaps.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

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Our favourite season is creeping in; the streets are flooded with golden leaves with the perfect amount of crisp to crunch.  All its autumnal colours are usually washed out after a few weeks with the dreaded dullness of winter, but before the cold aches set in people seem excited by the idea of winter thanks to autumn and its new batch of coats. The coat is essential for winter not just for the obvious but it dominates all of your outfits, it’s your best friend that becomes your enemy towards the end of the season so be wise when choosing your stylish armour kids...

Here’s what we’ll be sporting this winter and a few favourites we’ve found.

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