Sunday, 17 November 2013

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When we started this blog we had intentions of it being the sidecar to our motorbike (uni), but until this post we've failed to really get the motorbike out of the garage and the sidecars been freewheeling. So we're working towards completing a foundation degree in fashion and costume, at first we thought a foundation degree sounded a bit of a cop out compared to a straight forward degree, however it really isn't... in our opinion its a cheaper alternative to being in a class of 30+ people. We're in a class of 11 and we get smothered by our tutor, the tutor and other teachers are passionate, supportive and a wee bit loopy. For our first module we've been working on a project with George, Asda which is a massive opportunity because we never expected to be working closely with industry so soon. we've been given a brief to design a collection for spring/summer 14 our sundae girl trend is based on a pastel palette with plenty of floral's and gingham.

Thanks to our project pastels and gingham have been the centre of our world and for this post the centre of our wardrobe...



  1. I love how you have styled your outfits! x

  2. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm also doing a Foundation degree in Art and Design, and I'm specializing in fashion and textiles :) and I do exactly the same thing leaving yellow post it notes in my sketchbooks with notes to myself like 'add colour' and 'annotate'!! xxx

    1. We are 21 (Megan) and 22 (Chelsey) A lady from George (Asda) came to look through our work and put them in and i think its a really go idea gonna get myself some haha. Cool blog btw... :D

      Megan xx

    2. Love your outfits, just wondering where the leather skirt is from been looking for one for ages would be great if you could tell me thanks. LOVING THE BLOG.

    3. Oops only just saw your reply. I'm 18. You're so lucky to get that opportunity to work with industry! And thanks! xx

  3. love the pink sweater!:*

  4. Congratulations on pursuing your dreams and studying design. I've always wanted to take some courses myself but never seem to find the time. Very cute outfits too, love these photos!