Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Megan is wearing: Suit - Primark, all together £31  Shirt - Primark, £9  Loafers - ALDO, £36  Bag - Marc By Marc Jacobs
Chelsey is wearing: Coat - Charity shop  Tshirt - Primark, £6  Leather Trousers - H&M, £24.99  Trainers - ASOS, £25  Bag - Zara, Sale £10

Can you tell we're cold in this post? Yes the British weather has finally broken us, wrapped up in scarves, piling on the vests that create new curves and bringing out the trusty insulating leather trousers we still shivered our way through these ootd pics. Shivering wasn't only induced by the weather, Chelsey shivered as she stood as a supporting spectator to Megatrons new tattoos. Her latest additions included a beautiful scripted serendipity on the inside of her upper arm and a small daisy that her sister drew on her ribs, Megan is truly made of steel...the girl did not flinch!



  1. Your tattoo is gorgeous! Tell me it didn't hurt much, I'm looking to get one in that area and I'm so scared it will hurt

    imemmymah | blog

    1. If you mean my arm it only hurt as much as the rest but now it feels like a bruise! None of my others have ever felt like this :S it wouldn't put me off get one on the other side lol.

  2. lovely outfit!

  3. Lovely outfits, and what a perfect tattoo!

  4. love the outfits and the tattoo is gorgeous! so simple but really lovely

    from helen at

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  5. Hi! Came across your blog on instagram and I love it.
    Really great style and love your layout. I've followed you and on blog lovin, check mine out: xx