Thursday, 27 March 2014

I DIE...we're currently obsessing over Rachel Zoe! If we're not throwing out her sayings in a terrible American accent,we're either slagging off Taylor and defending brad or coming undone over all the stunning couture! The show also acts as a source of research that's feeding our uni project,we're tackling a module where we've got to design 80 couture dresses,mission! So we've not had our eyes on the blog prize lately,so as an apology we abandoned our project and seeked out an interesting place to capture our recent threads...throughout the pics megatron feared for her Loubs life! 

Anyone else want to steal Rachel Zoe's life? 



  1. Love the location of these photos! Looks amazing! xx

  2. Love the location!! Your outfits are stunning as well. :)

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