Saturday, 26 April 2014

I've been a terrible student, If you could get graded on avoiding work I'd be top of the class with a first but i'm not solely to blame my family should take some credit. During the Easter break I escaped to Plymouth where my family live - feels like the other side of the world when your cosying up to a stranger on the train! Me, my mum and sister are like 3 mental peas in a pod, it's their fault I have an addiction to charity shopping and all things junk, so naturally we indulged in a scavenger hunt for anything that steals our attention and room in our wardrobes. After making a success of my second hand compulsion, they have moved onto their latest protegee - my baby nephew,he was a success with the easter egg hunt!!
Hope y'all had an eggcellent Easter!

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  1. This is so cute!
    I have recently started blogging, it would mean a lot if you could follow! x

  2. where is your lovely jakcet from?!
    Plymouth looks so nice, defintely somewhere to visit in the future :-)

    take a look at my little blog if you'd like

  3. I love the jeans!

  4. That embroidered blouse is to die for, fantastic photography, you look liek you've just stepped out of postcards.

    Joy //