Saturday, 28 June 2014

As we're sitting here sulking and whimpering at the glasto coverage we cant help but recall to last Saturday where we squawked along to the mighty kasabian with the majority of leicester,the brutes did us proud! The day was filled with beer, avoiding the cubicle ques and adopting a phoebe voice...we was mega lucky with the weather so we dressed appropriately for the sunshine and slapped on the factor 50.
Have a butchers at our vlog coverage that megatron threw together like an absolute pro!


Friday, 20 June 2014

Chelsey - Vintage Dress and Bag and Shoes From a Shop In Leicester. 
Megan - Dress From Miss Selfridge, Shoes From Next and Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Company stole our blogging event virginity this week! We had a was insane to think that us two small town lasses were brushing shoulders with the beautifully dressed blogging elite. Our journey from last September crushing on bloggers threads to actually being part of something we’ve always envied y’all for, complete whirlwind!

The whole experience was mega exciting and overwhelming...we had our self’s a mission in reaching the event thanks to our empty purses. Our adventure began once we pulled into Victoria station, with too much faith in our tootsies, our outfits tucked under our arms and strutting stamina we trekked across the capital for 2 hours, we thank the seven heavens for our iPhone map! We arrived all dishevelled and visually full from londons sights, the event was tucked away in a little industrial corner of east London. Megan was scared and Chelsey was lapping up the rawness of the area. We arrived super early and threw ourselves on to anyone who seemed to be part of the shindig, we all stuck out like a sore thumb! We found our own little kimmy K, Jade jenna a beauty blogger hanging around the entrance, such an outgoing lass and full of enthusiasm for blogging!  We then scurried off to a hotel bar to pull ourselves together and again we forced ourselves onto the lovely bits of this and that, roseand vintage, noteslamode and adoremehitable, before we knew it was time to head to the awards!!!

Company Editor Victoria White!!!! eekkkkk

It was a really interesting building; we loved how the huge space with its quirky interior juxtaposed with a stunning industrial view. We felt like absolute stalkers in this joint as the faces of melon lady, pages by megan and fun for Louis were so familiar to us however we was too scared to network and have a chinwag with all the fellow bloggers so we lapped up the free sausages and people watched and clocked up how many pennies we need to save in order to buy all the misguided clothes that was sprawled out to ogle over! The actual awards ceremony flew buy which was hosted by the stunning Becca Dudley alongside vick white, which we also had a chance to faff over, what a woman!

Fan Girling Over Louis
The Youtuber and Blogger Zoe LND was our DJ for the night.

Londons closet won our category which came as no surprise as their wardrobes and blog is immaculately beautiful and Two shoes one pair an explosion of colour bagged the highly commended award, congratulations girls!! We were mega grateful for being involved with such a great event, it was amazing to talk to other bloggers and see how fun and powerful the blogsphere has become, thankyou so much for an amazing night company and misguided!!


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

On friday we ventured down to beautiful Brighton for Megan's Cousins hen party, it was a hoot! A weekend filled with shots, L plates and strippers...the lack of drag queens was disappointing but Chelsey managed to come home looking like a drag after a few beers. Brighton was a perfect place to people watch and spend all your pennies on vintage threads, unfortunately we didn't have the money or time to do either. It was an alcohol fuelled trip and we'd love to explore the place again on another sunny weekend.