Monday, 5 January 2015


Coat - Vintage, Jumper Dress - Next, Boots - eBay.
Coat - asos, Polo Neck Knit - H&M, Jeans - asos, Chelsea Boots - asos 
The later half of 2014 swallowed us up and we vanished from the blogosphere. Our Moby dick was moving into our new little nest Chegan (Chelsey and Megan - genius,I know), trying to keep up with ridiculous amounts of uni work and trying to prove ourselves as housewives by crocheting, prancing around plumping up our cushions in marigolds and discovering Aldi's chicken popcorn. But we are back fully formed domestic goddesses - we now know how to unblock drains in thigh we make a vow to blog religiously wether that be in each other's clothes or in a pensioners bargain cardi. As an apology we've spruced up our layout and rinsed our bank accounts to take cheap frill's on a           
wee holiday in feb across the English Channel to Paris!! 
 Hope y'all had a beautiful Christmas and a very merry new year...

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